Legal information regarding ownership, investment structures, time tables, warranties and systems for the Talay Sawan Development at Bang Saray.

Ownership and legal


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Building Permits

Within this residential zoned area, permits are applied for on a building by building basis in advance of construction

Investment Structure

  1. Initial deposit 100,000 baht and sign booking and reservation form
  2. Within 28 days sign contracts and pay the balance deposit to 20% of the purchase
  3. Upon completion of foundations, a further payment equivalent to 15% of the
    purchase price
  4. Upon completion of the superstructure and roof, a further payment equivalent to 30%
    of the purchase price
  5. Upon completion of the second phase electrics, a further payment equivalent to 20%
    of the purchase price
  6. Upon completion and handover and registration a final payment equivalent to 15% of
    the purchase price

Ownership Structure Villas

In accordance with Thai law, the Villas must be owned by Thai nationals or through a beneficial Thai company, or through a long lease structure. Choice of ownership is based on the decision and circumstances of the investor

Villa Warranties

The contractor will provide 10 years structural guarantees, as European standards.

Operations and management

Access Roads

The project is accessed by the public road system, and the internal site roads are currently private and will be owned by the Bang Saray Development Company in which all the Owners participate.


The Contractor is Phukettaksin Construction Co. Ltd


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The Villa Estate will be managed by Bang Saray Development Co.,Ltd


Utility locations

All Utility reticulation will be underground including water, power and, communications.


Sewerage is handled by the Pattaya Municipality

Water Source

Water is from the Pattaya Municipality and from there distributed to the homeowners. Each Villa will also have its own independent storage tanks.

Satellite TV

Each owner of a Villa will be able to subscribe to the Satellite TV system at the rates charges by the commercial satellite company.


Each owner of a Villa will be able to subscribe to ADSL telephone connections at the rates charged by the telephone company providing the services.